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What is Believe Build Brand - The Brunch?


Believe Build Brand - The Brunch is where your vision board meets the people who can make it happen! We believe in intentional connections and this year it’s all about Personal Branding! We have a power packed panel, live entertainment, amazing food and more! Get your tickets at


Listen … This is the moment to really think about your next moves and how you want to land in 2024! 


Is this event just for church goers and the faith based community?

NO! Believe Build Brand is for EVERYONE! This event is for business owners, dreamers, influencers, and people who want to level up in every area of their life! 


Can we pay at the door?

There will be no sales at the door for Believe Build Brand - The Brunch. All ticket sales will end on Saturday, November 25, 2023. 


What is the dress code?

The dresscode for this event is Semi-formal. Please see dresscode mood board below!

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